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The bestselling suction toy



Who knew something could suck so good? Meet Puff, our best-selling suction toy that's earned over 2,300 5-star reviews for its ability to deliver. With 5 intensity settings, Puff offers a range of targeted, powerful sensations. It's waterproof and USB-rechargeable (charger included!). Compact and easy to use, Puff is the perfect partner for all your orgasmic adventures.

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Rated 5 out of 5

PUFF PUFF....NEVER pass it up!

Just purchased my *SECOND* puff and let me tell you, ima customer for life lol I got my first puff over 3 years ago and it’s been my ride or die ever since

Lillian Q.
Rated 5 out of 5

Worth every penny

Love this lil Puff! It's everything I hoped for - quiet, recharges quickly but can be used many times on one charge and can be used in the shower?! Yes, yes, YES YESSSS

Rebecca V.
Rated 5 out of 5

Dear lord

I never write reviews. For anything. I’m not patient enough to do it. But let me tell you! I bought this with a few other things and finally used it today. I met God. I instantly felt happier. Don’t ask yourself if you need this, because you do. The answer is yes.

Rated 5 out of 5

Trans guy approved!

It’s been super hard to find function/air vibes that actually fit my bottom growth. The puff has been my go to! I

16 People with Bottom Growth Detail Their Experience with Puff
We get lots of questions about whetherPuff, our compact suction toy, will work for folks who have experienced the clitoral growth that can occur while using testosterone- also known as bottom growth. The following information is based on survey responses from 16 participants with bottom growth who tested and detailed their experiences with Puff. While no two people will have the exact same experience, it is our hope that sharing this information will help folks with bottom growth who are curious about Puff.

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FAQs Section

Unbound is a sexual wellness company. Since 2012, our small but mighty team has been dedicated to making sexual health accessible. Over the last 11 (!) years, Unbound has designed over 70 different vibrators, lubricants, and accessories. Our goal has always been to demystify an often overwhelming and intimidating shopping experience by providing educational content and well designed, affordable, body safe products. We aren't here to tell you what good sex looks like, we are here to help you define it for yourself.

Everyone pleasures themselves differently so your mileage might vary but based on user feedback, here's what we can say for happy Puff users: a lot of them preferred to use Puff on their back or side with Puff squeezed between their legs or held with one hand. With a traditional vibe- grinding on or mounting the vibe increases pressure/intensity but with a suction vibe, all you really need is to create a seal. It can feel a little different at first and might take a try or two to get the hang of it but the end result is an isolated sucking sensation that increases blood flow and sensitivity.

The entire device is fairly small (it's very close in size to a bar of soap) so holding it is fairly straightforward. Of course, dexterity varies by person but one really nice benefit of suction is that the unit doesn't vibrate in the traditional sense that other vibrators do which can create numbness or irritation in your hands. With a suction vibe, the air pressure is what creates a vibrating sensation when contact is made with your body. Basically, by placing Puff's silicone ring against your body, the vibrating suction sensation is created as air oscillates through the sealed chamber. Science!

So, the majority of our product testers used the product solo but that doesn't mean Puff can't be used with a partner. The most important factor in enjoying a suction vibe is being able to hold the device against your body enough to create a seal. If this angle and pressure can be achieved during missionary (meaning you might need to comfortably hold the device in place between you and your partner), then you might have some success with using Puff during penetration. If this isn't possible or preferable for you, directing your partner on how and where to use the device on your body can be a great way to enjoy partner play with Puff.