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"Unbound Makes Pleasure Fashionable."

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"Meet Unbound, the Company Defining Next-Wave Sex Positivity One Wearable at a Time"

by Vogue

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Rated 5 out of 5

More flexibility than me!

This is great! It gets the job done and doesn't strain my wrist

Rated 5 out of 5

Premium device. Head and shoulders above competition

Its so well made. Its soft to the touch. It JUST feels premium. The vibes are on point. Its a big too big for a tight beginner like myself and I haven't gotten it all the way in but making progress with it is fun and it feels just right.

Naziur R. Verified

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AD Clutch
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AD Clutch
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AD Clutch

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FAQs Section

Unbound is a sexual wellness company. Since 2012, our small but mighty team has been dedicated to making sexual health accessible. Over the last 11 (!) years, Unbound has designed over 70 different vibrators, lubricants, and accessories. Our goal has always been to demystify an often overwhelming and intimidating shopping experience by providing educational content and well designed, affordable, body safe products. We aren't here to tell you what good sex looks like, we are here to help you define it for yourself.

Almost all advertising platforms write their compliance policies through the lens of 'family planning.' Meaning, the only sexual health products approved for advertising are those that directly assist with, or help prevent, procreation.

Unfortunately, in reality, this means that any products that improve the sexual experience, without facilitating pregnancy, are banned categorically.

Defining advertising policies through the lens of 'family planning' is not only outdated and puritanical – it also creates a double standard by defining whose sexuality is appropriate, and whose is not.

Conveniently, 'family planning' for cis men is inclusive of erections and ejaculation, spanning products that support arousal, orgasm, and pleasure. However, for everyone else, the definition is far more conservative. It is not inclusive of orgasm or pleasure, because those experiences are considered unnecessary in the family planning process of pregnancy, which the policy also assumes is the only reason people have sex.

This is not our first attempt to bring awareness to the double standard that exists in marketing and advertising policies, but we do hope it will be our last.

We see the immense amount of advertising for erectile dysfunction, and the focus those ads put on pleasure. Clearly, ads that highlight pleasure, arousal, and orgasm are not the issue, as we all see them daily on our social media apps, public transportation, radio, TV, podcasts, and streaming websites.

So, if the message of pleasure is not the issue, is it the object itself? Is a wand vibrator visually so offensive that it would be rejected outright because of the way it looks? Pleasure is okay to advertise for one gender identity, because that’s how babies are made, but not for anyone else in any other context? Is the object offensive or our desire to enjoy sex alongside cis men offensive?

We felt there was only one way to answer these questions: market the products as something else and find out.

There’s an honest answer and then there’s a real honest answer.

The honest answer is – we marketed these products as performance optimizing accessories and not as sexual wellness products.

The real honest answer is – the products themselves are not visually offensive. If they were, the ads would not have been approved. It’s the product’s context that determines whether it's appropriate or not. These products sail through advertising review processes when they are presented as peak performance objects for cis men.

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1) Reason Number One

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2) Reason Number Two

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3) Reason Number Three

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